Most online casinos offer two variations of online roulette. The main difference between the two is in the table layout. European Roulette has a single zero layout, while American Roulette has a double zero layout. The European also offers better odds of winning with a house advantage of 2.63%, while the American offers a house advantage of 5.26%. The payouts for all the bets remain the same in both forms of the game however.

For advice on the best way to play roulette we strongly recommend you go to Roulette Rules and Roulette Tips. To find out more about the most popular roulette games however, keep reading.

European Roulette

European Roulette is the classic roulette game. It’s very similar to American and French Roulette, but offers more places to bet, especially when it comes to the zero – adding an extra zero double bet can do this.

To start playing European Roulette you must select your stake, which you can do by rolling your mouse over the chips. Then start placing bets on whichever fields you feel lucky about. The more times you click on any particular field the more your bet will increase. The type of bet you place will obviously determine your projected payout. Once you’ve made your decision as to your bet / bets, you must then simply click on the Spin button. Where the ball lands will determine your payout.

In European Roulette, you’ll find single and double zero bets, an AutoPlay function line, straight and column bets, the percentage cover shown and an easy to find bet selector.

American Roulette

American Roulette is played on a wheel with 38 slots. The number 1 to 36 alternates between black and red, plus there are two green pockets numbered 0 and 00. The double zero is the main thing that separates American Roulette from the popular European version. Players can place a great variety of bets – from red or black colours to individual numbers or groups of numbers, as well as odds or evens and higher or lower than 18.

American Roulette uses the classic Roulette layout but adds more red, white and blue to your gaming. It also includes a double zero bet, customisable bet layouts, a percentage cover shown, an AutoPlay function line, straight and column bets, and an easy to find bet selector.

French Roulette

The rules in French Roulette are similar to those of the other types of roulette. There are however some features that distinguish French Roulette from the others – all numbers on the betting layout have red colour and an additional rule called “la partage”, according to which if the winning number is zero all players with even-money bets lose only half of it.

All bets on the betting layout are in French. There are also unique features to the classic game that makes it more refined and exciting: New Manque (1 to 18) Impair (Odds) Passe (19 to 36) and Pair (even) bets plus a new select range of special wagers known as call bets. French Roulette has only one zero pocket, which decreases the advantage of the house, like the European.

Roulette Royale

This exciting online casino game is connected to a global Jackpot network that offers you the chance of Jackpot fame and wealth. Now you can get the high payouts you'd expect from a Slot machine. Played the same way as other classic Roulette games, Roulette Royale is one of the most prestige choices around in Roulette gaming.

Based on the traditional European style of Roulette games. Roulette Royale has a wheel of numbered pockets ranging from 0 to 36. These are placed randomly around the Roulette wheel. Players will place bets on either numbers of different colours on the single zero wheel and try to predict where the ball will land on the wheel after each spin. If you receive the same number five times in succession, you will then win the progressive jackpot.

A side bet is a compulsory bet that makes you eligible for additional payouts, one of which is the progressive jackpot on offer. The side bet amount is added to the original bet amount and displayed.

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