Each year sees more and more technological advancements being made in every industry, including gambling. The World Wide Web in particular has opened all kinds of possibilities. The choice to play online roulette or table roulette is of course yours but what really is the difference between the two.


Online roulette is played on your computer anywhere you want; table roulette is played at an actual casino.

If you like having people around to interact with and you enjoy a palpable gambling atmosphere, then table roulette is probably for you. Once your bets are placed you can revel in the excitement as you watch to see where the ball will land.

This type of atmosphere cannot easily be transferred to the online roulette table. Much of the land-based casino experience involves getting caught up in the action, which is as much about you sharing in the other player’s victories and commiserating in their losses as it is about your own personal experience. Land-based casinos also offer good time alternatives in the form of bars, drinks and live music.

Online casinos on the other hand give you the space and freedom to play in the comfort of your own home. You don’t have to worry about what time it is or what you are wearing. Basically you can play wherever you want, whenever you want! This means online roulette scores big on convenience, comfort and accessibility. You don’t have to travel to a casino; the casino comes to you.


Take it or leave it – land-based casinos typically offer only one type of table roulette game. But a top online casino offers a wide variety of Roulette games.

Online roulette quite simply means freedom of choice. You can select whatever online roulette game appeals to you at the moment. You can even replicate the casino experience around the roulette table with multi-player roulette and go for the huge progressive jackpots, an option that is unavailable in land-based casinos.

Pace of play

In a land-based casino the croupier rules table roulette. He/she decides when to spin the wheel and when to stop all bets. Every roulette player has a different way of playing – some like it fast, while others like to take their time and contemplate their odds and roulette strategies. But if the croupier’s pace is not to your liking there is nothing you can do about it. In the environment of an online casino every type of player can be accommodated. Here, only you can decide when to click the Spin button and get the game going, and no one else. Quite simply, you can play online roulette at your own pace.


Playing table roulette is reliant on certain factors. For example, in most traditional land-based casinos they have only 8 slots on a roulette table. This means if the table is full, players will have to wait until the game has finished and space becomes available.

Online roulette means you can play whenever you want – absolutely no waiting around!


A land-based croupier’s job is not easy. Even if said croupier is a mathematical genius, working out payouts is difficult and the possibility of making a mistake is very real. When you win at online roulette, the computer software figures out the payment instantly and accurately. The amount is then deposited into your account right away. No waiting for the croupier to pay other players or to figure out the math. Online there is no mistake!

Progressive jackpot

Only online casinos offer the progressive jackpot game Roulette Royale. This has all the regular bets, but included is a progressive jackpot. Every time someone plays this game anywhere in the world the progressive jackpot gets bigger. There is absolutely no way you will win a huge jackpot like this if you play table roulette.


Online roulette versus table roulette – ultimately it comes down to a personal preference. That said, online roulette offers incredible variety, convenience, accurate payouts and the freedom of choice. Learning to play online roulette is also extremely easy as Free roulette games are offered by all reputable casinos. The game itself is available to play 24/7 at your leisure.